BEANZ account and login issues

On behalf of BEANZ, my sincerest apologies for any of you who have had issues accessing resources on the BEANZ website. Registrations are handled by the New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE – our umbrella organisation) and involve manual processing of payments and registration data. This has created issues for us as there have often been delays between registrations and when we receive registration data. The registration data we receive is also often incomplete or contains errors. Whenever a registration issue has been brought to my attention, I have done my best to fix these in a timely manner. Unfortunately, it appears that in some cases emails generated by our system have been filtered as spam by some schools. This means that in some cases schools were unaware that we had resolved these issues for them.
I’ve been working hard with NZASE to update their registration and payment systems. In the next couple of months we will be implementing a new registration and payment gateway for NZASE that should automate registrations and solve these problems.
Please remember that we are a volunteer organisation run by teachers who give up their free to provide these services. If anyone else is still having issues please send me your Full Name, School and Email Address.
~Benjamin Himme (BEANZ executive member)