About Membership

The Biology Educators Association of New Zealand (BEANZ) is a standing committee of the New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE). To become a member you will first need to register an account with NZASE. We’ve been working with our parent organisation to update our user registration process. You can register or login and review your subscription here:



Having problems logging in?

The registration process now requires that you first register your school, then each individual within your school. As long as you register with your “school” email address our system will automatically link your account to your school’s subscription. If you don’t belong to a school you can still sign up as an individual.


Not sure if you or your school are already a member?

Don’t worry, our system is pretty clever. If you or your school are already registered we’ll recognise this from your email address. You really can’t get it wrong, but just in case it’s still not clear, we’ve made a wee video that will walk you through the registration process…

Still Have Questions?

Flick our website coordinator an email: bhimme@nghs.school.nz