BEANZ Newsletter Term 3 2022

In this edition

* President’s Report

* What Can BEANZ Offer Members?

* Your BEANZ Executive

* Research Project request for help

* Your Regional Representatives

* BEANZ Practice Exams are Free

* Resources offered by BEANZ

* Maurice Wilkins Centre PD Days

* Mātauranga Māori Workshops

* Prime Minister’s Science Teacher Prize

* Science Teaching Leadership Program – Follow Up

* NZ International Biology Olympiad

 – a report

* Feature Article – From the Smallest of Bones Come the Biggest of Secrets


BEANZ Term 2 Newsletter 2022

In this edition …

P1 President’s Report

P2 Obituary – Helen Mora

P3 Your BEANZ Executive

P3 Introducing and Exec Member

P4 Your Regional Representatives

P5 Workshops Available in 2022

P5 BEANZ Level 3 Exams are Free

P6 Chem Ed/ Biolive Conference 2022

P7 BEANZ Conference Scholarships

P7 Sharing the Mahi

      * Emily Tighe’s Bee Resource

      * Ngā Manu Nature Reserve Field


     * Mātauranga – it’s not that scary!!!

P10 Feature Article The mystery of the

       moa: did these feathered giants call

       Rakiura Stewart Island home?


BEANZ Newsletter T1 2022

In this edition …

P1 President’s Report

P2 Your BEANZ Executive

P3 Sharyn Varcoe – Executive member

P3 What can BEANZ offer members?

P4 Regional Representatives

P5 Introducing Stephen Williams – our new BEANZ Facilitator

P5 BEANZ Exams are free! (if you are registered!)

P6 Science Teaching Leadership Program

P7 Crazy About Bees – BEANZ Scholarship outcome.

P7 KNZB Sustainable School Award

P9 Sharing the Mahi: Linda Haycock, Trudy Gee, William Chen.

P11 Feature Article – Palaeogenomics comes of age


Regional Representatives Needed in Three Regions

Attention Biology Teachers BEANZ Regional Representatives needed in


Porirua / Hutt Valley


Looking for your next challenge? Or perhaps an opportunity to give something back to the biology community?

Regional representatives are a key link between biology teachers in their region and play a key role in facilitating professional development opportunities with support and input from BEANZ.

Gerd Banke is BEANZ Regional Representative for Nelson Marlborough. In her words being a BEANZ Rep means, “being a sounding board for the region” where you “get to collaborate with some of the country’s most inspiring Biology teachers when we meet during our National huis and plan the regional workshops”

If you are from one of the three regions mentioned and are interested in taking up this position, or would like more information contact Mikhal Stone (BEANZ Regional Rep Liaison) at:

A job description is available here:


BEANZ Regional Representatives

If you are looking for your BEANZ representative for your region, find it here. They would love to hear about you and exciting things you are doing in your classroom.


BEANZ Term 4 Newsletter

P1 President’s Report
P2 Your BEANZ Executive
P3 Ben Himme – Executive member
P3 Bio Teachers Facebook Page: A Treasure Trove
P4 Regional Representatives
P5 BEANZ Providing Lock Down Support
P5 The New Look BEANZ
P6 Sharing the Mahi – Yvonne Caulfield
P7 Sharing the Mahi – Angie Fox
P9 BEANZ Research Scholarship
P10 Genetics resources from Thierry Lints
-Unlocking Life’s Code
-The Genomic Revolution
P11 Feature Article – Land of the Chonky Birds Nic Rawlence


BEANZ Term 3 Newsletter

In this edition …

P1  President’s Comments

P2 Your BEANZ Executive

P2 Introducing Penny Daddy

P3 BioLive 2021 Conference postponed

P4 Regional Representatives

P5 Network of Expertise Update

P6 Vacancy for Regional Reps

P6-7 NZ BioOlympiad

P8-9 BEANZ Exams

P10 Sharing Your Mahi

P10 Scholarship Tutorial Report

P11 Skeletons in the Closet

P12 Plants Unit incorporating Mātauranga Maori

P12 Investigating Vascular Systems in Plants

P13 Unlocking Life’s Code

P14 BEANZ Facilitator Role

P15 BEANZ Research Scholarship

P16 Feature Article Extinction Crisis Nic Rawlence


Unlocking Life’s Code

  • Developed by the University of Auckland Genomics Into Medicine initiative (GIM).
  • The resource introduces fundamental mechanisms of life to students, laying the groundwork for them to develop informed opinions about the complex issues that arise out of genomics use in society today. Also, New Zealand would certainly benefit from having a scientifically literate public, engaged citizen scientists and a more widespread enthusiasm among young people for STEM careers.
  • An interactive pdf links to 3D-explorable molecular models and inspiring videos of biologists who are passionate about their research. 
  • Fillable text fields enable students to record their learning, ask and answer questions and work through genetics problems.
  • Senior students might navigate much of the resource on their own and will likely find it a useful extension to their classroom learning.
  • GIM hope that Year 9-11 students will have the opportunity to work through the resource and find it generally accessible and stimulating.

In addition to a version of the resource created for teachers, GIM is also developing a University micro-credential course for educators wanting to expand their understanding of genomics. If interested, please contact

To obtain this resource click download below.

A teacher version complete with notes and answers is available from ….

… Allan Smith, BEANZ National Administrator


BioLive Conference 2021

The conference has been postponed until November 2022. Registrants will receive an email from conference organisers.



BEANZ Newsletter Term 2 2021

In this edition …

P1  President’s Report

P2 Your Executive

P2 introducing Erica Jar

P3 BioliveChemEd Conference details

P4 Conference program

P5 Conference scholarships

P5 Regional Representatives

P6 Maatauranga Workshops

P7 NZ BioOlympiad (NZBIO)

P9 Sharing the Mahi

P9 CSTA Exams Available

P10 BEANZ Research

    Scholarship 2021

P11 BEANZ L3 Practice Exams

P13 BEANZ Facilitator Job advertisement

P14  Feature article – Lost in Translation or Deliberate Falsifications?